Single Mom? I am a Sexy WOMAN (and a mom)


Single Mom?

I am a Sexy WOMAN (and a mom)

YES, I am a mom. But first, I am a woman. I have the right to experience and express the fullness of who I am- someone who is strong, sweet, tender, sexy, vulnerable, savage, confident, and has her shit-together. I am a Lioness with a ferocity that empowers others and protects my little one(s). And I’m a woman who Needs and Deserves to feel sexy and be loved, too.

Rose Quartz - Self-Worth, Loving Relationships, Luck in Love
Tiger Eye - Will Power, Vitality, Good Luck

Gold Lion

Mantra Card in a beautiful gift box
on a durable stretch cord

X-small (5-6 inches)
Small (6-7 inches) women's standard
Medium (7-8 inches) 
Large (8-9 inches)